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Build your soils with GREEN PLANTS

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Diversity by Design

When you decide to build health in your soils, using a single species cover crop can help but will slow the process down.  At AgriDNA, we work with you to understand the challenges you face with soil health and host.crop performance.  We will design a diverse blend of species to support your soils in healing.  


The team at AgriDNA have robust species of blends to support you in achieving your soil health goals.

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Cover Crop Seeds

AgriDNA strives to purchase the highest quality cover crop seeds in the industry.  In our search for high-quality partners, we have found Sustain Seed and Soil.  Sustain Seed and soil provides years of experience and support in building blends and unique single species options.


Custom Seeding

Many times the rush of harvest makes it difficult to manage the planting of your cover crop blends.  At AgriDNA, we offer many options for custom seeding.  From soil-applied solutions with seeders to aircraft based options, AgriDNA will support your custom application needs.

Diversity by design
Cover Crop Seeds
Custom Seeding
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