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About AgriDNA3

Supporting today's professional Agribusiness

AgriDNA has a simple concept, support producers in increasing profitability in conjunction with a strong soil health initiative. We focus on building Higher Functioning Soils that drive higher farm profitability. For over 25 years I have been using precision technology and crop production strategies to provide Ag Professionals with the tools to make more informed decisions so that they can increase profits.  We believe that involving the producer in the process to create a more sustained farming operation is critical.  With our team of dealers and growers, we continue to learn and provide new and innovative solutions.  


The bioDzyne System provides a foundation for each person with the tools and technology to understand where production challenges exist and when we can provide solutions economically. With accurate information, you will have the power to make rational decisions.

Join the team at AgriDNA, and we will work together to support your business in heightened understandings of production efficiencies and higher functioning soils.


Family and Community

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The AgriDNA corporate office is located in Boone Iowa where we are very involved in the community.  With my wife Angie, our four children and their spouses (Doug and Jenna, Sam and Sophie, Max, and Maggie), we are very involved in our church, the schools, and the community.  I am a member and serve at Cornerstone Church.  Additionally, I donate to the Heritage foundation, and DMACC Athletics.   

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