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Nutrient Transport Treatment

Quite often lime is applied when what the soil truly needs is calcium


The importance of calcium is an essential plant nutrient in the soil not always understood.  Too many times, when soil test shows low pH, the immediate reaction is to spread more lime.  However, ag lime tends to be insoluble and can take years to break down and demonstrate its effectiveness.  The odds are good that your soil may already contain more undissolved, unused limestone than soil test are calling recognize.

Benefits at a Glance
  • Improve plant growth and vigor

    Increases seed germination and emergence

  • A surge in early and sustained root development

  • Improves the availability of resident soil minerals and fertilizers

  • Reduces soil pathogens

  • Optimizes efficiency in water regulation and utilization

  • Improves soil structure, tilty, porosity, and friability

Package Sizes:


2 X 2.5 gallon Case

275 gallon Tote

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